Religious Education


Sacred Heart provides  catechism classes for children K - 7th from August through April.  Our dedicated staff provide creative learning opportunities designed to strengthen student's Catholic identity and form true faith values.  Children need to attend general catechism at least one year before entering a Sacrament class.  The Sacrament class prepares them for First Reconcilliation and First Communion.    Children 8 years and up who have not been Baptized attend classes and develop their faith until they are in the 7th grade.  Then they are ready to receive all three Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil Mass.  Our teaching staff are devoted and caring. 


Faith formation begins at home.  Families should be attending Mass every Sunday and sharing their own witness stories with their children.  Sharing and modeling your faith will help them effectively encounter the Truth who is Jesus Christ. 

In addition we offer Youth Ministry for teenagers where they grow and deepen their faith.  Community and compassion are focal points.  If a teen needs First Communion and Confirmation, we prepare them to receive these sacraments.  If they need Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation, they can receive all three at Easter Vigil.                                                                  

For Adult Religious Education see Sacraments.