"Let the energy of Charity impel us, root us, inspire us, free us." Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth


Join a ministry today!                  Ministries at Sacred Heart Parish

  • Bible Study In Spanish on Tues. at 7:00pm in School Building Room 7.
  • Bible Study in English on Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Library. 
  • Board of Directors meets when called.  Contact  Sandra Taylor 520-808-2255, [email protected]
  • Choir. (English & Spanish)  Contact Janet-520-405-3581 [email protected].
  • Religious Education Classes for school ages meets every Sunday morning @ 8:30 in the school classrooms.  Contact Carmen Bonillas (520) 888-1530 (ext. 103) for enrollment.  School year classes start in August & end in April.  
  • Eucharist Ministers/Lectors-English masses.  Contact Pat James at 520-888-1530 for information.    
  • Eucharistic Mininsters to the Homebound.  Contact the office at 888-1530.    
  • Finance Committee.   Contact Fr. Gonzalo 888-1530 if you have questions or expertise in finance & can help the Parish.
  • Guadalupanos.  Acompañanos a rezarle el Rosario a nuestra Señora de Guadalupe todos los Jueves de 6-7pm en el Salón de Inmaculada. 
  • Hospitality Ushers. Contact Robert at the 10:00am Mass. Ushers are the welcoming faces of our parish community. Contacta Francisco Garcia para las misas de Español al 520-370-8921.
  • Knights of Columbus. Men serving our parish. Contact Arturo Salazar 520-820-3332.
  • Library.  by appointment. Contact Pat 520-888-1530.
  • Liturgy Committee. Contact Fr. Gonzalo 888-1530 for meeting times on the last Wednesday of the month...  Art & Decor Committee meets when necessary. Contact Lorena at 520-401-9694.
  • Matrimonios Acompañenos para que su fe sea más fuerte y su relación con el Señor más intima. Todos los Miercoles de 7-9pm. En el Salón de Inmaculada a espaldas del Templo del Sagrado Corazón.
  • Saint Francis Shelter.  Call the Director of Operations Shawn Milligan at 520-461-4943.
  • Food Pantry.  Hours of operation Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00am. If you have any concerns please contact Terry at (520)369-1860
  • Parish Council. Contact Father at 520-888-1530 for information.  Meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30pm
  • Rite of Christian Initiation-Adults(RCIA). Become a Catholic.  Contact Pat 520-888-1530 ext. (104)  at the parish office. The inquiry meeting starts in the fall, then changes to the formal catechumenate until the Easter Vigil when the new catholic received the sacraments.
  • Grupo de Oración.  Grupo Timón ser reune todos los Martes en el Salón Venuti de 6-8pm.
  • Safe Environment Program. Contact Terry Galbreath at the office, Mon-Wed 11:00am-4:00pm  Educate yourself about battered children and sexual abuse of minors and elder adults. All who serve in a ministry must register and comply with the Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Safety in our parish and  diocese. 
  • Youth Ministry. Contact Josie-261-8974 [email protected] meets Sundays at 11:30pm.  All teens welcome. Begins with parent meeting in September at 9:00am for English and 11:00am for Spanish. All parents are required to attend.