12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Who then is this whom even wind and sea obey?"  The disciples had a little faith that Jesus would help them.  They woke him up and asked in a sarcastic way, "don't you care that we are perishing?"  Jesus shouted to the wind and sea "Be quiet!!"  as if to show dramatically and forcefully that the power of God was with him.  As if the men who had seen him cure leapers and cast out demons didn't give him enough credit.  As if power over sickness and death or power over evil were not enough proof that he was who he said he was.  They seemed to forget the conversation of God and Job where God describes his awesome power over nature.  As if they might remember that Jesus now mirrors the God of Job. So Jesus says, "Why are you terrified? Don't you yet have faith?"


From the Bishop: 

"On July 1, 2021, All faithful are informed that the general dispensation of Sunday Mass attendance is lifted since the covid 19 protocols are lifted.  Those with genuine health concerns actually remain dispensed by the general law and custom of the Church."  this means that Sunday or anticipated Saturday masses are now our duty and obligation to attend in person because of the "importance of in-person worship as well as the communal nature of the Church.

Lifting of Covid19 protocols

Facemasks and social distancing are no longer required for those who have been fully vaccinated.  However, if someone would feel more secure continuing to wear their mask, they should feel free to do so with no judgments from others.  In charity, everyone is welcome in the community no matter what they wear.  

Sacred Heart offers Covid19 vaccinations for second shots on Sunday, June 13 after all masses.


Office Hours

Location: South end of the school building
Open Office: 520- 888-1530
Fax: 520-888-1227
Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
Fr. Gonzalo-Tue-Fri
Father G's day off is Monday

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Religious Education at Home

Children's learning is suffering from on-line educational situation or lack of it.   These are some of the reports I'm hearing on the news.  I can imagine how hard it is for parents and children alike to try to teach and learn without the classroom and the in-person teacher.  Take it one step further and the religious education suffers as well.  Here are some resources that may help. 

K-8 for students:  "Alive in Christ" is from Our Sunday Visitor http://aliveinchrist.com.

 Ignatius Press has books for sale https://ignatiuspress.com.  

Word On Fire. Browze this web site.  Lots of free stuff.  https://wordonfire.org  

Dynamic Catholic is especially for preparation for baptism, communion, confirmation with specific books.  htpps://dynamiccatholic.com.

Life Teen is for teens of all ages.  Check out "Edge"-Ministry for middle school teens or the rest of "Teen Ministry."





Las inscripciones estan abiertas en la oficina de 9:00am-4:00pm para el ano escolar 2021-22 para ninos de kinder-preparatoria.  Las classes empezarian en Septiembre (estamos esperando). Vengan a inscribirlo mas pronto possible porque las clases ser reducidas por la distancia social.   Tambien ofrecemos clases de Confirmacion para Adultos de 18 anos en adelante.



Mass Times

Monday-Friday 9:00am Mass English

Saturday-Anticipated for Sunday 4:30pm English
Confessions: 3:00pm-4:00pm in confessional
Sunday-English: 8:00am, 10:00am in church.
Sunday Spanish 12:00 noon Domingo en espanol

What other events?

Baptisms and Weddings 

Please call Fr. Gonzalo 520-888-1530 at the office. He will call you back to schedule the baptism or wedding.  Favor de llamar a padre Gonzalo a la oficina para programar el bautismo de sus ninos o sus bodas.

We NEED help!

Openings for volunteers include Eucharistic Ministers, lectors and ushers.  As we come together gradually to celebrate the Mass after covid, we will expand our servers in liturgy to take care of the community.

The Religious Education Team

Our RE Program is now directed by a team of educators.  The dates for classes for children and youth have been set.  The Parent Meeting is Sunday, September 12, 9:00am for English speakers and 11:00am for Spanish speakers.   The 1st class for students is Sunday, September 19.  8:45-9:10am.  Our team leader is Brenda Walker and the team members include Josie Olivas, Megan Bruce-Carver, Devrah Gideon, and Maria Sandoval.  Most of our catechists from 2019 will be returning this coming year.  Please register your children as soon as possible. We will have only 9 classrooms available.






These rites of entering the Catholic Church follow the ancient customs of the early church mandated by Vatican II for the restoration of the catechumenate process.  It is a training period for the Christian life after being called by the Holy Spirit to a life with Christ in his church.  The Rite of Acceptance begins following the ministry of Jesus throughout the liturgical year in the celebration of the Eucharist.  This inquiry is designed to teach the catechumens about Jesus Christ, his message, death and resurrection and his church.

The Inquiry meets every other Sunday after the 10:00am Mass in Immaculata Hall.  Call the office to register 520-888-1530.


Safe Environment Program Education

All ministers annual educational meeting will be online for the year 2020-21.  The website is www.safeparishtucson.com  (passcode: tucson)  Please log on using your phone, your personal computer or call the office to use the computers here and in the library.  Please take this training as soon as possible.  Register, watch the video, copy the certificate and email it to Pat [email protected]  Many thanks to you who have completed the training.