Blessed be in the Advent Season


The staff is here to serve the parish community.




Mass Times

Daily Mass: Monday-Friday: 9:00am English
Holy Hour: Friday 9:30-10:30am
NEW Every Friday: 6:30pm Espanol
Mass Saturday: 4:30pm Confessions: 3:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am English
10:00am Eng/Signed for the deaf
12:00pm Espanol


SACRED HEART PARISH LIBRARY IS OPEN EVERY SUNDAY MORNING 9:00AM-1:30PM AFTER THE MASSES.  THE LIBRARIAN SAYS THAT NEW BOOKS COME IN AT ANY TIME BOTH ENGLISH AND SPANISH.  NEW VIDEOS AND MUSIC CDs ARE ALSO AVAILABLE.  La libraria es abierta en el domingo 9:00am-1:30pm.  Los libros nuevos para adultos y ninos son aqui. Tambien videos y musica son aqui!

 Featured in the Library this month are Advent pamphlets and books to start every day with thoughts and prayers for the season of Christmas!  It is a giving time of year and worth pausing for a thought and talk with Our Lord Savior in this busy time.

Resources for Advent prayer with families:

USCCB  www.     CRS    EWTN






Photo Albums

  • Using the scriptures, the author meditates on Jesus's saving act of love!
  • A discussion of Spiritual and Social Freedom as a real action ...

Photo Albums

  • We will read this one in the office at lunch time ...

Photo Albums

  • A novel that brings Francis' joy in song and prayer to ...


Advent =the coming of the Christ!

The CHILDREN'S PAGEANT  will take place with the Christmas Eve Mass at 4:30pm December 24th.

Practice for the children's pageant is Monday, Dec.2 at 6:00pm in the church.  Also on Friday,Dec.13 at 6:00, Monday, Dec.16 at 5:45pm Dress Rehersal and Friday, Dec. 20 at 6:00pm.  They are so cute!

The ADVENT CALENDAR  is making a food box for our Neighbors in Need Program.  It is a suggestion for giving this holiday season to our neighbors as Jesus told us.  Our volunteers are excited about this.

Christmas Flowers

Donate in memory of your deceased loved ones.  We'll pray for them during the entire month.  We appreciate your support and generosity.

Rosarios y Misas en honor a nuestra madre de Guadalupe.

Miercoles 4 de Diciembre empieza su novena de Misas a las 6 de la tarde. Todos los grupos y familias se les hace una invitacion.


Parish Board of Directors


The 3-year term of one of our Directors, Mrs. Mollie Minke, will expire January 19, 2020.  Candidates for election must be lay persons who are registered Catholic, practicing parish members, at least 25 years old.  Any parish member may nominate any registered parish member by collecting 10 signatures of other registered members.  Information & forms are in the parish office.  Contact Ramon Montano, acting Board secretary-808-3853.


Para la mesa directiva de la parroquia.  El periodo de servicio de tres anos de uno de los miembros va a espirar el proximo 19 de enero, 2020.  Los miembros adultos registrados de la parroquia pueden postularse como candidatos con las firmas de 10 feligreses oficialmente registrados.  Las formas necesarias estan disponibles en la oficina parroquial.  Para mas informacion contacto el senor Ramon Montano, secretario de la mesa directiva.