New changes to Phase 2

Greetings for the 1st Sunday of Advent: changes in Phase 2 due to increases in widespread virus Celebrations of the Mass will be the same as in Phase 2 except Holy Communion will be given at the end of Mass as in Phase 1 at the doors as people are leaving.  There will be no confession on Saturday. Other sacraments will stay the same except participation is limited to 10 people.  Daily Mass will be discontinued.  Parish office should be closed, but Sacred Heart will still be open to serve you.  This will be in effect from Monday, November 30th, 2020.

Sunday,  Celebrate Mass on our regular Sunday schedule.  English:  8:00am and 10:00am. Saturday, Mass at 4:30pm.  Remember to wear your mask and to sit 6 feet apart.                      La misa en Espanol  en viernes a las 7:00pm y domingo a las 12:00pm.

Sacraments  Funerals and Baptisms can be arranged by calling the office. No more than 10 people can attend.  Weddings can be arranged with F. Gonzalo at least six months befor the wedding date.  The Sacrament of the Sick can be requested of the hospital chaplin or Fr. Gonzalo.  Confessions will not be heard.

Religious Education for children and youth  Enrollment is open for 2021-22 in the office. This includes instruction for Confirmation.  Class for adults is offered for 18 years and older.

RCIA  Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.  Registration is for those interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith or becoming Catholic.  Please call the office for appointment.

If you were asked to view the Safe Environment video on line, please do so in a timely manner.


These books were recently bought by the Sacred Heart Library to keep us up to date.  These are brand new books and if you would like to read any of them, call the office.  OPEN WIDE OUR HEARTS by Alison Benders, the Catholic Conference of Bishops directive on racism in America.  The bishops wrote this pastoral letter in 2018 to give the church's position on systemic racism.  Also, EASTER VIGIL HOMILIES by Pope Francis.  He gave these sermons from 2014 to 2018 on the resurrection of Jesus.  THE CULTURAL WORLD OF JESUS by John Pilch is putting Jesus in the Jewish world of the 1st century.  Imersion in the Lord's life and times brings his historical reality to life.  The typical Arab dress for the desert was common among the men and veils and head coverings for women was used.

If you would like to check out any of these books to read in the privacy of your own home, call Pat in the office and she will get the book or books to you in a hurry.


Ordinary Time in the Liturgy

Reflections on the 1st Sunday of Advent  

After hearing about the final judgment on the feast of Christ the King of the Universe last Sunday, and realizing that "in the evening of life we shall be examined in love," we look forward to the coming of Our Lord and the advent of his kingdom.  


Safe Environment Program Education

All ministers annual educational meeting will be online for the year 2020-21.  The website is  (passcode: tucson)  Please log on using your phone, your personal computer or call the office to use the computers here and in the library.  Please take this training as soon as possible.  Register, watch the video, copy the certificate and email it to Pat [email protected]  Thanks

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SEGUNDA FASE anuncios nuevos

 Por ordenesdel senor Obispo, el uso de tapabocas o mascarillas todo el tiempo es obligatorio.   No habra Misa diaria empezando el Lunes 30 de Noviembre.  Las Misas de fin de semana continuaran igual.  La distribucion dela Comunion volvera al final de la misa para que los feligreses salgan sin regresar a sus bancas, guardando el distanciamiento social.  Las confesiones seran escuchadas unicamente los Sabados afurea en el estacionamiento Oeste.  Los funerales, bodas, quinceaneras y bautismos estan regresando a probeerlos con la asistencia de diez (10) personas.  

No habra misa diaria empezando el lunes 30 de Noviembre.

Adoracion al santisimo los viernes, empezando despues de la misa (usando tapabocas todo el tiempo).  Confesiones dentro del templo cada sabado de las 3:00pm-4:00pm.   Misa los viernes a las 7:00 de la tarde en espanol. Misa los sabado a las 4:30 en la tarde en ingles. Misas los domingos a las 8:00 y 10:00 de la manana en ingles, y a las 12 medio dia en espanol.  La Sagrada comunion a la hora del rito de comunion al fin de la misa.  



Mass Times

Monday-Friday Masses-9:00am English
Friday- Anticipada para domingo 7:00pm Espanol
Saturday-Anticipated for Sunday 4:30pm English
Confessions: despues de la misa-inside church
Sunday-English: 8:00am, 10:00am in church.
Sunday Spanish 12:00 noon Domingo en espanol

Rosarios a nuestra madre santisima de guadalupe

Los 46 rosarios a la virgen de guadalupe estan rezando diaria y virtualmente.  Tambien usted puede rezarlos cuando pueda, y a cualquier hora, en su hogar.  Si quiere que le manden un enlace a su telefono para rezarlo virtualmente, favor dellamar a Rosy Salazar al telefono 792-0982 para que le mande el enlace con la informacion, cada dia.


Office Hours

Location: 3200 N. Los Altos
Open Office: 520- 888-1530
Fax: 520-888-1227
Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm Nov.1-9:00-5pm
Fr. Gonzalo-Tue-Fri 520-888-1530
Father G's day off is Monday

Libros en Espanol

Novelas nuevas:  El viaje a la ficcion, El mundo de Juan Carlos Onetti.  Por Mario Vargas Llosa.  (Premio Nobel 2010)  Cuentos de Eva Luna. Por Isabel Allende.  (bestseller internacional)  Noticia de un Secuestro.  Por Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  (A Vintage Publicacion)  Malinche por Laura Esquivel.  Tambien, Dieta y recitas de Maria Antonieta por Maria Antoneita Collins.