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Holy Week of Jesus Christ's passion, death and resurrection!

Wednesday, April 16-          7:00pm   Obra Cena del Senor (spanish)

Holy Thursday, April 17-      9:00am Lauds (english)           7:00pm Mass of the Lord's Supper (bi-lingual)

Good Friday, April 18-         9:00am Lauds (english)      1:30 Stations (english)       3:00pm Adoration of the Cross (english)                                                 4:00pm  Live Stations (spanish)    5:30 Stations (english)   6:00pm Marcha de Silencio

Holy Saturday, April 19-       9:00am Lauds (english)         3:00-5:00 Confessions   7:00pm Easter Vigil (bilingual)                                                                  9:00pm Food & Drink (Venuti Hall)

Easter Sunday, April 20-       8:00am Easter Mass (english)  10:00 Mass (english)   12:00pm Mass (spanish)

HAPPY EASTER!  He is Risen! 










Mass Times

Daily: 9:00am
Holy Hour: Friday 9:30-10:30
Saturday: 4:30pm Confessions 3:00pm
Sunday: 8:00 English
10:00 Signed for the deaf
12:00 Espanol

Office Hours

Location: 3200 N. Los Altos
Open Office: 888-1530
Monday-Thursday 9:30am-4:30pm
Open Church: Daily 7am-4pm west door
StVincent de Paul help-line 293-1428 Monday-Friday 9am-11am
By appointment: Call the office


Ps 32:1-11