"Let the energy of Charity impel us, root us, inspire us, free us." Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth

Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Join us for Prayer and Brunch!

On Friday, June 24 @ 9:00am. LITANY AND CONSECRATION TO THE SACRED HEART. In connection with the devotion begun by Saint Margaret Mary after Jesus appeared to her in 1670.

PRAYER ( The Litany of the Sacred Heart & Consecration to Jesus's Sacred Heart)  and Brunch  ( Refrigerator space is limited due to construction.  Coordinate with Pat 520-888-1530 x 104 or Brenda [email protected] ) .  

If you can't bring food, no problem.  Don't let this day pass without letting our Lord know how much you love and trust Him!

    Click below to read / make a solemn consecration to the Heart of Jesus