TO VOTE OR NOT TO VOTE a parishoner responds

So who has been trying to keep up with the arguments on Prop 123?  Anybody?  Skeptics  may be thinking, Here we go again.  Why bother to study the issues or vote when it seems that certain people are controlling everything anyway.  Which side do we believe? They both seem to have good arguments.  And when the vote is over, there is still the battle in the state legislature about the school funding issue from 2000. Politicians had another agenda  then, who's to say they won't now?  It seems we are compounding the problems rather than sincerely acknowledging and working together to fix, once and for all, this colossal sinkhole we have all created.  I say all because in 2000 some of the same people voted the same way they are going to vote now.  And some not at all because they won't care.  While both pros & cons acknowledge there is a problem, each points to the other side and say it is their fault.  What I see  both sides  saying is 'Lets throw money at it; money will fix everything.'  ' We don't have enough money'; ' They have too much money,'  'Let teachers have the money,' ' Let us get our hands on the money.'

Does any of us know  what the very real issue is here??  Hello!?  It is about our children and their education. What we plant now we will harvest later. Mom and Dad always said 'you get what you pay for'.  In other words, be wise, be responsible, look down the road and do your best to anticipate the consequences.  There are good arguments made on both sides of Prop 123.  Pray about this, ask yourself what would our Lord Jesus do?  Would He braid a rope again to chase out the money-changers?( maybe).  But for sure He would pray and act with justice and charity.      





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