Pope Francis and the US Bishops have encouraged us to be active citizens of the world.  So we would like to encourage  those who have not registered to vote to do so. You can find forms at the DMV, the post office or libraries as well as the County Recorder's office.

We will be bringing you information about current legislation in Arizona as well as the US congress.  Catholic opinions matter especially concerning employment, just wages, education, housing, immigration, the elderly, the poor and the environment.  We are accepting Pope Frank's challenge to have concern for our earth & all creation, including the poor and marginalized who are most vulnerable. In 'Laudato Si' (Care for our Common Home)  he writes: "That is why, in the absence  of pressure from the public & from civic institutions, political authorities will always be reluctant to intervene."  Remember the parable Jesus taught (Lk 18:1-5) about the persistent widow and the judge.  She complained enough, he got sick of listening to her and gave her what was owed. The Catholic catechism #2238 states in part"...includes the right and at times, the duty to voice their criticisms" of that which seems harmful to the dignity of persons and to the good of the community.  We must obey legitimate authority, which also means we are stewards of his gifts.

We invite you to consider joining your fellow parishioners & neighbors in: 1. Letter writing. Let them know what the church says about it.  2.  Phone tree calls. Join the parish phone tree to call or email our congress critters.  3.  Email us for tips and ideas you have yourselves.  

SPECIAL ELECTION. On May 17,2016, registered voters will vote on the matter of future funding for education.  Prop 123 sounds like the solution to our poorly funded schools. Better funding is what we want for our children & their education.  But the legislature is greasy and there are credible objections to the way of funding.  Study the proposition and letters carefully.

Prop 124  An adjustment to public retirement systems for public safety personnel.  All letters support this adjustment and there are no objections to this change.



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